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Community Revitalization

Business & Community Development : Cornerstone/West Side Grows
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Small Business Development

Business & Community Development : Cornerstone/West Side Grows
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Grow Delaware Fund

Business & Community Development : Business & Community Development
West End Neighborhood House, Discover Bank, Longwood Foundation, Department of State Division of Small Business, Development and Tourism and the Grow…

Launcher Entrepreneurship Program

Business & Community Development : Business & Community Development
Ever wanted to start your own business? Now you can! In 2017, West End created an entrepreneurship program focused on educating aspiring small business…

Cornerstone/West Side Grows

Financial Services
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Housing for former foster care and homeless youth

Housing : General Housing Programs
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Re-Entry Assistance

Housing : General Housing Programs
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Academic Education

Education : Youth and Family Services
West End Neighborhood House offers FREE educational opportunities (including GED®) for Delaware residents age 16 and +. Services are designed…

Youth and Family Services

West End provides a variety of educational, recreational and sports activities for youth ages 5-18. Programming and activities are geared towards…

Youth Prevention

Youth : Youth and Family Services
West End’s Life Lines program, Delaware’s Division of Family Services, the State Office of Volunteerism, People’s Place, and the Murphy School…

Rent & Utility Assistance

Financial Services : Crisis Alleviation/Emergency Assistance
West End’s Crisis Alleviation program seeks to temporarily satisfy clients’ immediate basic needs while introducing them to services available through…

Food Closet

Youth : Crisis Alleviation/Emergency Assistance

Stand by Me Financial Coaching

Financial Services
Do you want to save money to buy a new car, a house, take your family on a vacation, send your kids to college, or just pay your bills on time? Interested…

Camp Programs

Camp W.E.S.T., ages 5-12, is filled with the perfect blend of Education, Sports and Fun!   Programming is focused around: Nature, the Arts,…

Sports programs

Sports provide opportunities to enhance positive recreational experiences and build healthy lifelong habits. West End’s sports programs offer youth ages…

General Employment Preparation

Employment Training West End Neighborhood House offers FREE employment opportunities for youth and adults 16 years of age and older. Services…

Environmental Jobs Program

The Environmental Job Training Program offers residents the opportunity to become employed in careers that reduce environmental contamination and…

Bright Spot Farms

Bright Spot Farms is a paid Horticultural training program for low-income high school youth ages 14-19. Participants learn to grow fresh vegetables while…

Life Lines

Services for Foster Care Youth

Delaware grows together when we all work together.

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