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Educational and Employment Training Center

“Do something productive, be someone to trust, grow a diverse community, NOW,
because you matter–who are you going to be?”

The Educational and Employment Training Center is about more than finding a job—this is your safe place to grow and succeed. Our programs welcome all at-risk youth and adults seeking assistance in education and employment. We believe in your success and will support you in every way we can.

Our free opportunities are designed to help Delaware residents build the critical thinking skills necessary to increase literacy, enhance employability, and gain and retain employment. We provide:

  • Adult Literacy programs for ages 16 and above

  • Out of School Youth programs for 16 to 24-year-olds

  • Adult Workforce programs for those 18 years and older

  • Environmental Construction Training

Our Approach

We offer trauma-informed, comprehensive case management to all students within our programs. The case management component builds a strong, stable, and nurturing relationship with students to serve as a conduit for healing and increased resiliency, while introducing them to a classroom that establishes safety, staff that builds trust, and a space for healing and change. 

Using empowering techniques, case managers offer a hands-joined approach to help students become as effective as possible so they can support themselves and their families, with less need for outside help by reducing barriers, enhancing strengths, and doing only what is needed. A hands-joined approach allows students to participate in the design of their experience, by working together with case managers to create clear, specific, attainable, and beneficial goals.

Our Process



Active Programming

Employment/Post-Secondary Placement


OOASIS Outstanding Student Nomination

“The value of my education is the ability to pursue further education. Once you’ve learned something, it is yours forever. My whole life, I strived to be the best at everything which in the end, did more damage than good. When I had to leave high school for reasons that were beyond my control, I was devastated. I felt like a great disappointment to myself, however, I got my GED and am now pursuing a career as a veterinarian. I am proving to myself that no matter what happens in life and no matter how long it may take, I can get the things that I want. I can make myself proud.”

– Michael Conde

Michael resides in Wilmington, DE with his mother and frequents Florida where his father resides. He attended the Brandywine School District’s emotional support program before pursuing his GED. Michael was referred to West End Neighborhood House at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic when schools had to suddenly turn virtual. Remote learning was not conducive to Michael’s learning style, so he decided to pursue his GED with West End, due to the in-person learning options. Although at first Michael struggled in the program due to some challenges with his mental health and his habit of avoiding social settings, he was a motivated learner who quickly grasped the material and took advantage of a variety of learning styles. Once ready to take the GED sub-tests, Michael rapidly moved through them, earning his GED on Dec. 10th, 2020. He also overcame his mental health challenges and has become a more social, outspoken young man. Michael has plans to attend Florida International University in the spring of 2022 to pursue his career as a veterinarian.

Success Stories

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Contact Us

For additional information about our programs, please contact Mia Millner
at 302-658-4171 x 161 or mmillner@westendnh.org.

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Due to the generosity of our community, we’ve been able to foster self-sufficiency since the 1880s.