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What We Do

Employment Support

Our team works with Line Lines youth to connect them with job opportunities and training. From Bright Spot Farms to other employment opportunities, our participants gain valuable experience that they can leverage when searching for future employment.

Educational Support

Our educational support services prepare youths for independence and ensure that they can reach their full potential. In order to promote personal growth, Line Lines provides educational programs in both secondary and trade areas.

Whether our youths want to continue their education or begin work in a trade field, we lend a helping hand to make sure they reach their goals.

Health Services

We work with our participants to ensure that they are healthy, supported, and safe. In order to help them maintain their well being, we offer medication management and support in all areas of mental health.

We assist youths who are experiencing mental health issues, domestic violence, or substance abuse and provide referrals to ensure that they receive expert care.

Life Skills and Workshops

Our life skills workshops help Life Lines youths develop skills that support them for the rest of their lives. As they move on to the next phases of their lives, our participants benefit from financial literacy programs.

When they graduate from the Life Lines program, they are equipped with the skills to become successful and self-sufficient.


Life Line’s, Delaware’s Division of Family Services, the State Office of Volunteerism, People’s Place, and the Murphy School are partnering to develop state-wide mentoring services for youth, ages 16-21, who are transitioning out of the state’s foster care system and participating in Independent Living case management.

One-on-one mentoring aims to expand the youths’ networks of support. The programs will match trained volunteer mentors from diverse backgrounds with transitional youth to provide them with emotional guidance and friendship.

Thank You for the Support!

Due to the generosity of our community, we’ve been able to foster self-sufficiency since the 1880s.